A Report from the Brookwood School Boatyard

Middle School’s boat building project, in which Brookwood’s 90 fourth and fifth graders are collaborating and working with teachers across disciplines to construct a MacIntosh Canvas Boat over the course of the year, is proceeding at a good clip. About twice each week, every watch (the students are divided in to groups called “watches”) is working on a direct or indirect boatbuilding activity.

Work on the boat stopped just before Winter Break and will pick up again shortly. We thought we’d catch up on all that went on in the Boatyard so far this year, and with Mr. Holch’s help looked to the builders’ log books for news. These journals, handmade by each student at the beginning of the project, are a running record of successes, progress, complications and solutions experienced by the student builders as they move through the process.


Today we put all of the tools on the wall! We traced the tools and put them on hooks. We had to be very patient.


Today I also built replicas of the boat. They were nine inches. We had to scarf the stringers. One design of the boat was good. We had to cover it with paper. And use popsicle sticks to make seats. 1” = 1 ft. scale model.


Day 5

Good day. Today we worked on a straw boat. We learned today that in order to get the straws 9 inches we had to scarf the stringer together. We were making a scale model. This is why our boat had to be 9 inches. 1 inch = 1 foot. The real boat we are going to build is 9 feet.


Today I learned about a stern. At first I thought that it was the front of the boat but I learned that it was the back of a boat. 


I enjoyed making the models because it was fun making the “frame.” Though it wasn’t really a frame. It was more of two straw walls bent and taped together. Then we put paper over it.


Today we learned about scale. Beaufort Scale. The Beaufort Scale is a scale of the wind. The man who created the Beaufort Scale is Admiral Beaufort.


Today I finished my ditty bag. I had to problem solve because the bottom of the bag was too big. So I just pulled it in a little more. But in the end I am glad I finished. Now I can help people finish their ditty bag, and I am so excited to help.

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