Brookwood School Eighth Grade Reflections

In this commencement season of reminiscing and celebration,we asked our graduating eighth graders to reflect on their years at Brookwood by answering a few questions.  Their responses were thoughtful and heartwarming, and we share a sampling of the anonymous reflections below. Thank you and good luck to the Class of 2016!

What I will miss about Brookwood . . .

. . . the warm, welcoming community. From the first time I walked through the doors in fifth grade, to the day I walk out, there is always a teacher or a student saying hello to me. I can’t go one step in the halls of Brookwood without saying “hi” to somebody.

. . . my friends and teachers. The teachers at Brookwood genuinely care about each and every student, and I think that is what sets Brookwood apart from other schools. Also Brookwood shapes its students to be accepting to people’s’ differences.

. . . the phenomenal group of both faculty and students all of whom get to know you at a personal level. I will always remember that warm, encouraging, and inviting feeling you get when you walk into and out of the school.

. . . the community. At Brookwood we are all taught that we need to take care and look out for one another and I believe that this is an important thing to be able to do. Being kind is the biggest rule here and it is definitely the most important thing to be able to do throughout life.

. . .  the teachers’ attitude toward helping students be prepared for the future. They are funny, energetic and they approach me if things aren’t going all that well.

. . . the community feel at Brookwood. Everybody at Brookwood likes you and wants you to succeed. I feel more prepared to take on the real world now.

. . . no matter what time of day it is you can always hear music coming from the rooms –  whether guitars or steel drums it’s always there 

I have learned at Brookwood . . .

. . .   teamwork and leadership. A lot of times at Brookwood, I would be put in groups with people I don’t know and how to work together regardless of that. I also learned leadership from the sports at Brookwood.

. . .  take risks. So what if you don’t succeed? That makes you stronger.

. . .  speaking with confidence in front of large crowds. Brookwood has provided me with the skills to stand tall, project my voice, and make eye contact with whoever is standing in front of me. That is a skill I know I’ll carry though my whole life.

. . . ability to feel comfortable talking with my teachers, whether it is about homework or something social. Another skill that I have learned is being able to keep organized and prepared for my future life.

. . . it’s “cool” to be smart. Nobody thinks it’s “cool” to get bad grades or not try. Also, I have learned that communicating with teachers is a huge help. Nobody knows how to help you better than they do.

Values I have gained  at Brookwood. . .

. . .  enthusiasm is important to me. Hundreds of School Meetings and an eighth grade play have molded me into an enthusiastic person.

. . .  be yourself. At Brookwood, I learned that everyone supports you and just wants you to excel. This taught me to want the best for others, also.

. . .  expand your circle of friends. School is so much more fun when everyone is like a big family.

. . .  respect others. Always hold others as highly as you hold yourself and be kind and respectful to everyone. Lastly, work hard. If you work hard and focus on what you want to accomplish, you can do whatever you set your mind to.

. . . be myself and not pretend that I am someone that I am not. I have also learned to not care what people think of me (somewhat). Doing this has gained me great friendships that will last for a lifetime.