Farewell Mila! Brookwood will miss you

Though it seems she just arrived at Brookwood, Guatemalan student Emilia “Mila” Calderón’s (above center) eight-week exchange visit is coming to a close. The community said goodbye to Mila at School Meeting with friends Kyra J.(with whom Mila lived during her stay) and Sophia M. reading a special tribute to our friend.

This is for our sister, Mila. We have a message for you on the behalf of our class:

We want you to know that everyone here will miss you, and not a soul in this room hasn’t enjoyed your smile, laugh, and general warmth and comfort.

We all love having you here. Emilia, you have become a member of my family and the Brookwood community forever. Know that we love you and will miss you always. 

Mila spent the majority of her time at school attending classes as a part of Brookwood’s seventh grade, but she interacted with students and faculty across the community in a variety of ways. For example, Mila regularly worked with Lower School students as well as Music classes.

The School Meeting farewell ended with Kyra, Mila and Avery P. presenting a beautiful rendition of Amy Winehouse’s Valerie.