Grade 1 Writing Reflections on the Holiday Season

The temperatures may be warm and the ground far from snow covered, but nonetheless Christmas and New Years are just a handful of days away! To brighten our holiday spirits, we visited Mr. Wilfahrt’s Grade 1 classroom to read a few of the writing reflections of his students. After all, there are few things more festive than seeing the holiday season through the eyes of children.



 One day it started to snow a little. Then harder and harder. It snowed for days and days. Then it stopped. But the snow went on the next day. Now we have five feet deep. It was fun for sledding. Skiing too. Then it was still snowing. Now ten feet deep.

– Bode D.




 I came home one day.  After, me and my family put up the Christmas tree. We got hungry so we made popcorn.

– Ella M.



Yesterday I went to church for play rehearsal. It was fun. We got our parts. We read through them. I had two parts. I am an angel. I am number four. And then we went home.

- Emerson M.