Lower School Winter Stories Celebrate the Season

The holidays are here and the air is filled with excitement and good cheer. All this was inspiration to our Grade 1 authors who have been busily crafting stories of winter fun. Read and enjoy the enthusiasm they bring to the season. Happy Holidays!




My elf Summer and my cousin’s elf Jack were hiding in my home because my cousins were here. The elves hid in the light. We were watching TV when we found them. The last time we saw Jack was when he and summer hid in the TV. I do not know why they did that.

– Ruby





My Mom and I stopped to climb the pile of snow. My Mama put her foot in the pile of snow. I went in the hole. Me and Mom laughed. I thought it was fun. My Mama did too.

– Isabelle





When we got to the Christmas tree shop to pick the tree, I found the tree. They bagged the tree up in the bag and we brought the Christmas tree home and put the Christmas tree up on the stand.

– Kyle