Merci, Brookwood School

TO: Joshua Cabral

FROM: Arlin Baez

SUBJECT: Le mot magique, c’est être!

Dear Mr. Cabral,

I am not sure if you remember me, but my name is Arlin Baez, I graduated from Brookwood in 2009.  I wanted to write  to you in appreciation of your teaching techniques, that have proved to be effective for me even today.

Today, I am a junior at Providence College double majoring in Political Science and French.  Currently I am studying in Paris with the Internships in Francophone Europe Program, which is mostly designed to help French majors further their French skills by placing them in the european work environment.

While I have already been here about two months taking classes, this week was my first week at my internship.  I am working for the ministre de l’intérieur in the communications department.  Everyone has been super nice (suprising I know!) and also very eager to speak French with me, quite possibly to hear my American accent and talk about “New York,” but nonetheless I have been completely immersed in the French language and culture.

While having lunch yesterday we were talking about what we had done this past weekend, and I noticed all the while I had been playing your brilliant passé composé song in my head!  It suddenly hit me that, while I have mostly mastered the French language and feel confident enough to be in all French speaking work environment, the songs you taught us have never left me.  I used them all through high school and now in college, and I feel so very grateful for your passion of the language, and your excitement for teaching that made me want to continue studying French!  While you were not my first French teacher, you were the one who made me love it.

As I sit here in Paris, France in the Ministre de l’Intérieur office, I feel so humbled by all the amazing opportunities I’ve gotten in life and all the amazing educators who got me to where I am today. 

So in all, thank you!!! I hope you’re still singing songs and playing fly swatter and making your kids look forward to French class every single day!!!! 

From a sentimental alum,

Arlin Baez