This Week at Brookwood

Another great week at Brookwood is in the books! In addition to Parent/Teacher conferences and Secondary School visits, here are some highlights from around campus. Pictured above are "Story of Hands" by 6th grade artists.

Middle School students participated in several literacy mini-workshops, including one called “Graffiti Board," a brainstorming session that resulted in many great thoughts on literacy (pictured below, left). Middle schoolers also generated words/phrases that came to mind when thinking about literacy. Xavier A. used his “Power Words” to express one of his favorite comics! (pictured below, right).

TWAB 10.27.png

In Personal Growth and Development, 6th graders dove further into their dialogue about stereotypes by watching and discussing the viral video “Stereo”, a film about reversed gender stereotypes. Thirteen-year-old filmmaker Ella Fields showcases a world where boys wear dresses and girls are forbidden from participating in musical theater, both things the female protagonist yearns to do. What would our world be like if gender stereotypes were different or didn’t exist at all? Why do stereotypes exist in the first place? What is our ideal world when it comes to gender roles and gender expression? The 6th graders had a lively debate in PGD.

Last Friday, Lower School students honored the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) National Day on Writing by gathering in the Town Square and spending 15 minutes writing. The celebratory atmosphere highlighted the importance of writing as a crucial part of literacy. Comics, newspapers, letters, nonfiction… it was amazing to see the range of pieces that the children generated!

Heart of Samurai (1).png

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