This Week at Brookwood

There's a chill in the air and frost on the ground as we enter the second week of November. Thanksgiving break is fast approaching! In the meantime, students and faculty have been busy in the classroom, and beyond. Here are a few highlights from this past week at Brookwood.

This morning, 7th and 1st grade buddies (pictured above and below) spread some holiday cheer by making greeting cards for residents at Wellspring House and Beverly Bootstraps. The students designed their best turkeys and fall-themed wreaths to decorate the cards and wrote notes of thanks and appreciation. The cards will be sent off to the two organizations in time for Thanksgiving.

Purple Dance Themed Party 2F Party Setup Ideas Photo Collage.png

Middle School students celebrated Book Character Day on Tuesday by channeling a character from an imagination-themed book. A captive audience comprised of PreK through 3rd graders enjoyed watching "skits," complete with props and scripts. Bravo to our 4th and 5th graders for their creative productions! View some photos from the day on the blog.

Both Kindergarten classes ventured to Appleton Farms in Ipswich on Wednesday as part of their "Forest and Farms as Homes" program, which addresses the basic needs of living things. The field trip began with a scavenger hunt to find clues about five things plants need to survive (water, air, space, sun, and soil). With each clue, students received a bead representing that element and added it to a bracelet. They then used what they had learned to plant garlic cloves in garden beds to grow over the winter at the farm. Students also discussed the things that animals need to survive, with the help of some roaming chickens as examples! After spending some time visiting with chickens, sheep, and goats, the trip concluded with a picnic lunch inside the carriage house barn.

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