This Week at Brookwood

November is a busy (and exciting!) month at Brookwood. Here are a few recent highlights. On Thursday, 4th grade students (pictured above) made Greek Satyr Chorus Masks with Eric Rothstein from Behind the Mask, who also performed at School Meeting. After Thanksgiving Break, students will incorporate the masks into their ancient Greek myth films. Thank you to the Parents' Association Cultural Enrichment Committee for bringing Eric's Behind the Mask group to campus!

Erno Rubik, a Hungarian Architecture professor, invented the Rubik's Cube to help teach his students how to manipulate space. Earlier this week, 5th grade students were finally given their highly anticipated introduction to "the cube" as part of a special math unit. This classic puzzle requires spatial relation skills as well as learning a series of algorithms in order to solve it.

8th graders were excited to receive a return letter from their pen pals in Buenos Aires, Argentina. They learned that students at Colegio Del Arce are getting ready to finish up their school year and head out for summer vacation! Colegio Del Arce is a bilingual Spanish/English school, but our students have been communicating in Spanish. Next week before the Thanksgiving break, students will be Skyping in small groups with their pen pals, and in the spring, 8th graders will be collaborating and discussing sustainable practices at our schools and within their homes, as well as comparing their daily lives.

Last week, 1st graders made their first of several trips to Wellspring House in Gloucester. Our hearty gardeners (pictured below) planted hundreds of bulbs at this North Shore shelter and education center for homeless families. In addition to beautifying the property, the field trip also provided a wonderful opportunity for cooperation, collaboration and camaraderie as students and faculty worked together across the grade. Some even made maps and wrote notes describing the location of planted bulbs so they can check their progress when the classes return to the outdoor space in spring.

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