This Week at Brookwood | March 2

What a week! We bid farewell to the relatively short month of February and welcomed March -- along with a few days of spring-like weather. On Wednesday, 7th graders visited the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, where they split into two groups lead by Ms. Kesley and Ms. Stewart. They focused on two major exhibits: "Making Modern," a collection of paintings done by artists working in the United States, Mexico and Canada from the 1930s-1980s, and the contemporary pieces done by Takashi Murakami. Groups also viewed a collection of playful prints done by M. C. Escher and more contemplative paintings done by Mark Rothko. Faculty, as well as museum staff members, were impressed with the level of engagement of our students! Back at Brookwood, 7th graders will have an opportunity to create a visual response, using a variety of media, to a piece that they were intrigued by or particularly enjoyed. We cannot wait to see their reflective creations!

Another highlight from the past week included a visit from Dr. Kavanagh (pictured below), a recognized brain development specialistHer presentation at yesterday morning's Parents' Association meeting focused on brain development in children, and she also shared information about executive functioning, emotional regulation, and learning styles. Thank you to our Parents' Association Parent Education Committee for planning this informative event.

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