30 Drawings in 30 Days

February is of course the perfect month for fun activities like sledding, skiing, ice skating, and snowshoeing. At Brookwood it’s also the time for drawing.

This month, the entire school community – students of all ages, faculty, staff, and parents, and grandparents – is engaged in the 30 Drawings in 30 Days Art Challenge, which runs through March 4. All who are participating take a break from their routine, tap their creative energy, and draw daily in a sketchbook that the Art Department has supplied. It’s an entirely voluntary undertaking – sketching is not assigned.

According to Visual Arts Coordinator and Art Teacher Kathy Stewart, the reasons for the shared community undertaking are many: “It promotes great, creative habits of mind. It’s good for the soul, helps to calm a chattering, busy mind, and honors the many artists in our community. It helps us to build observation skills by slowing down and really noticing the world around us, and it’s fun to try something new.”

“The idea comes from a book that I’m reading, Art Before Breakfast by Danny Gregory,” explains Kathy. “As artists, drawing each day helps us to establish a positive creative habit – practice makes you a better artist. It is taking time for yourself to do something that you enjoy.”

Need some inspiration? Look to This Week at Brookwood, where Kathy shares weekly thoughts, sketch ideas and prompts. Some of her ideas so far have included:

Do a sketch of the ultimate tree house;

Design a three-tiered birthday cake for your pet;

Create a stylish spacesuit for your first trip to Mars;

Show your little one how to draw something or have them show you how to draw something;

Do a drawing using one continuous line;

Draw with your other hand;

Draw to music with your eyes closed;

Illustrate a poem or book;

Sketch a loved one.

For more inspiration, Kathy suggests these websites and books:



Tangle Art and Drawing Games for Kids, by Jeanette Nyberg

Art Before Breakfast, by Danny Gregory

Be sure to stop and enjoy some of the work that’s being created and displayed on the 30 Drawings bulletin board in the lobby across from the Faculty Room.