A Warm, Brookwood Welcome to the New School Year

This August marked my family’s fourth year as residents of Beverly, and I can now say that we understand what it means to be in New England in the summer! Whether riding our bicycles to Captain Dusty’s for ice cream, searching for sea glass and hermit crabs at our local beach, or making weekly trips to farm stands for all the berries and corn we could eat, we soaked in every last moment of sunshine. The rhythm of summer is liquid and glorious, offering time to reflect, time to enjoy, and time to wonder. I hope you, too, found time to savor your summer in ways, both big and small, that are meaningful to your family.

As Head of School, the first day of school is particularly invigorating: it’s a spirited launch of new beginnings, clear direction and myriad hopes and dreams. Teachers return energized with plans and passion to spark dynamic learning in their classrooms, and students burst onto campus greeting cherished friends, meeting new classmates, and imagining a new version of themselves in their next grade level homes. We had so many highlights this week! Our second graders sleuthed their way through the Town Square on a technology-enabled scavenger hunt, and the whole community delighted in Mr. Wilfahrt’s School Meeting video retrospective that featured highlights of our time together last year. In addition, the sixth grade practiced using their lockers and schedules to navigate their new responsibilities in Upper School, and seventh and eighth graders worked hard on the turf in their field hockey and soccer teams tryouts. Finally, not only did we have both pizza, burritos and mac and cheese this week, we also had Chef Al’s crowd favorite, tomato soup. It’s official--school is here!

From all of us on campus, welcome to the new school year at Brookwood. We have a wonderful year of teaching and learning ahead!

View the full album of our first day of school photos here!

First Day of School - 7914288

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