At Brookwood, Kids Come First: Our Path Forward


The start of a new school year marks an opportunity to reflect. Over the past three years, I've come to appreciate Brookwood's proud history that is steeped in beloved traditions; our students, past and present, who change the world for the better; the exceptional faculty who work tirelessly to inspire young minds; and our community who holds Brookwood in their hearts. Brookwood has always taken an intentional approach to educational excellence. Our school was built with the strong conviction that children deserve talented teachers who put kids first and deliver a challenging program that fosters personal responsibility, connection and discovery. For over 60 years, we have lived by these tenets and have launched thousands of children into meaningful lives of conscience, character, compassion and cultural competence.

As I think about our celebrated history and what is best for kids today, I am excited to share my vision for our direction forward. At Brookwood, we will:

  • deepen kids’ capacity for constructive dialogue;
  • enhance their abilities as changemakers to identify real-world problems and develop value-adding solutions;
  • personalize learning to reach each student and help them thrive;
  • build their muscles as citizens who recognize and choose kindness; and
  • equip kids with tools to live healthy lives.

My vision, which underpins our forthcoming strategic plan, will guide us this year as we pursue four specific topics. First, we will take a deep dive into our daily schedule to ensure we provide students and teachers with time to meaningfully explore topics in greater depth, across disciplines, and at a pace that inspires curiosity. Second, we will reimagine our learning skills program and enhance executive functioning strategies for all students to ensure that each develops tools to best access and contribute to our challenging academic program. Third, we will improve continuity and cohesion across the school for students and families to ensure that the Brookwood experience best reflects our values and approaches from grades PreK-8. Finally, we will create more opportunities for students to pursue changemaking projects where they will explore real-world questions and develop solutions that make their school, homes and neighborhoods better places.

This is an exciting time to be a part of the Brookwood community, and we’re grateful to have your family with us as we walk together toward our bright future!