Kacey Morris

Farewell Mila! Brookwood will miss you

By Kacey Morris December 2, 2016

Though it seems she just arrived at Brookwood, Guatemalan student Emilia “Mila” Calderón’s..

Brookwood School Eighth Grade Reflections

By Kacey Morris June 15, 2016

In this commencement season of reminiscing and celebration,we asked our graduating eighth..

Brookwood School students receive Sonia Schreiber Weitz Upstander Awards

By Kacey Morris May 13, 2016

Nine Brookwood School students were honored at the 2016 Yom HaShoah (Holocaust Remembrance Day)..

Books that make a snow day last and last

By Kacey Morris February 9, 2016

It’s early morning. The phone rings. It’s Ms. Caron calling from Brookwood with the announcement..

Merci, Brookwood School

By Kacey Morris February 4, 2016

TO: Joshua Cabral

A Report from the Brookwood School Boatyard

By Kacey Morris January 19, 2016

Middle School’s boat building project, in which Brookwood’s 90 fourth and fifth graders are..

Grade 1 Writing Reflections on the Holiday Season

By Kacey Morris December 17, 2015

The temperatures may be warm and the ground far from snow covered, but nonetheless Christmas and..

Guatemalan exchange student reflects about his visit

By Kacey Morris December 8, 2015

Sebastian S., from the Colegio Internacional Montessori School in Guatemala City, Guatemala,..