Laura Caron Notes | Insights from Brookwood's Head of School

laura-caron-2.jpgNow in our seventh week of school, routines are established, sports teams are hitting their stride, and cubbies are brimming with backpacks, books and jackets. We are fully underway in our pursuit of teaching and learning! With these rhythms and habits in place, it’s a great time to pause and reflect on some of the thought-provoking topics in the education and parenting landscapes. The ideas referenced below are often the subject of conversations in classrooms, over lunch in the Commons, and in faculty meetings. I hope these resources help spark conversations in your families and with us here at school.

"ACKNOWLEDGING WHAT STUDENTS DO WELL" Harvard Graduate School of Education’s Usable Knowledge forum puts research into practice, and this article reminds us that focusing on strengths and successes in the classroom and providing specific praise creates positive momentum for learning. Read more.

"HOW TO RESPOND INSTEAD OF REACT" From a parenting perspective, Jill Ceder, a New York-based therapist who works with women, children and families, asks us what our own stress as parents looks like and offers ideas for mindfully recognizing our stressors and choosing productive paths to best meet our parenting goals. Read more.

"HOW PRAISE BECAME A CONSOLATION PRIZEIn an interview in The Atlantic, Dr. Carol Dweck shares her concern that growth mindset has been oversimplified. She then reiterates the essential focus of the concept (through effort and practice over time, one can improve), and suggests that questions such as, “What is this teaching us?” and “Where might we go next?” are keys for learning. Read more.

I hope you find these resources useful as you reflect on your child’s growth and development. We thank you for choosing Brookwood as a partner in your child’s journey!