This Week at Brookwood

Brookwood’s educational values have endured over the decades. We remain focused on developing both the mind and the self, caring for the whole child, recognizing and responding to children’s individual needs as they grow and learn, and preparing students for their next steps as young scholars and contributing citizens. We are also looking to the future: what kind of jobs will our children be applying to in 2030? What will life look like in 2040? We are acutely aware that we are preparing students for a world that is undefined and for jobs that are still undiscovered.

Google comes to mind as an employer with big aspirations. Take, for example, substantial questions such as how scientists and supercomputers might make oceans drinkable by removing salt from seawater. In a world infused with technology and ever-evolving innovations, we are thinking today about teaching and learning for tomorrow.

Here on campus this week, 8th grade science students experienced what it might be like to work at an innovative company like Google. Ms. Shea and Ms. Bell challenged students to work in small groups to build 3D models, create visual presentations, and then present their ideas - all in one class period. First, students thought critically about their collective strengths in researching, building, creating visual representations of information, and presenting. Next, they formed collaborative teams based on their individual strengths and contributions. When it was time to begin working, students utilized a variety of materials and supplies to complete their task in just twenty minutes. The limited time frame meant that students worried less about straight lines and logistics and focused more on creativity, collaboration and task completion. The result? Each group reached a different outcome and demonstrated outstanding creative and collaborative skills that reflected their unique set of skills and talents. Not unlike the workplace culture at Google, students were generative, energized and proud of what they accomplished together.

A dynamic approach that builds on the strengths of each contributor is increasingly important in how we design effective teaching and learning going forward. Brookwood students are deep thinkers and thoughtful leaders, and I am excited about what the future holds for them!

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